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Chronicle of the Company

Since more than 91 years Hürner is at the top of development, construction and production of industry and laboratory fans as well as the components which belong to ventilation systems. The early use of thermoplastic and duroplastic materials was a very decisive leap which has urged the business.

Compare with the usual materials which were used in ventilation systems, plastic offers considerable advantages in nearly all the areas of usage. Without any additional treatment on the surface, they are constant against acid and alkaline fumes as well as corrosive, oxidative and aggressive gases and admixtures of air. Many year of practice in construction and usage of these materials and the knowledge of specific requests of different applications put us in a position to offer the right material combination and the optimal constructive solution for every insert.

Competence in plastic

The alliance of Hürner Funken KT refers to the know how of three companies which are at the top on using plastic materials in ventilation systems and components and which have developed their own special knowledge and procedure. This synergy means for our customer: a better product, a better logistic, a better service and a better cooperation with the manufacturer.

Our selection:

Ventilation systems and components
  • Radial fans
  • Roof radial fans
  • Axial fans
  • FRP fans
  • Centrifugal fans
  • Thermoplastic fans
  •  Laboratory fans
  • Scrubber fans
  • Air flow controller
  • Control and shut off valves
  • Silencer
  • Heat exchanger
  • Mist collector
  • Washer
  • Components
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